The protagonists

The Protagonists


Brief curriculum of the interpreters

Nicola Lambiase 's oncologist. Member of Dante Alighieri, starting with international associations to treat acting and emotional disclosure of the Divine Comedy from 2012 with LIONS CLUB OF MERCATO SAN SEVERINO, sharing a project idea with the president Maria Pia Arcangelo. Backed by Moral Support of excellence, has devoted himself to work for the promotion and enhancement not only of the township, but the entire province of Salerno creating various events including: Mercato S. Severino: Church S. Croce in Spiano; Mercato San Severino: Church S. Giovanni in Palco; Battipaglia: AGORA' del Comune; Cava de' Tirreni: Abbazia Benedettina; Cava de' Tirreni: Circolo Tennis; Salerno: Teatro Nuovo; Sarno: Liceo Classico Caro; Ravello: Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte; Castel Volturno.

The initiatives taken over the years have always met with positive reactions from the public, emphasized also by the positive press reviews.

Patrizia Bruno is a pianist, composer and arranger. After the diploma in piano, brilliantly achieved at a young age, she continued her studies at the DAMS at the University of Bologna while following courses dí composition and conducting at the Conservatory "Santa Cecilia" of Rome. After passing the European selections, since 1984 she began to work with the Yamaha Music Foundation, as a performer and teacher. She was winner of national and international awards, with an intense musical activity that she was busy in Italy and abroad, both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles, gaining success with the public and reports from the critics. She holds specializations in Music Therapy and EVP. Currently she directs several formations rnusicali and choral, creating original compositions and arrangements and processing..

The literary collaborations

Thanks to:

  • il Poet Nazario Napoli Bruno author of  Nfierno Priatorio Paraviso (Loffredo Editore) and a passionate lover of the Neapolitan language.
  • il Prof. Federico Sanguineti professor in Philology Italian University of Salerno  
  • il Prof. Franco Salerno docente a contratto di Linguaggio giornalistico presso la Facoltà di Lettere dell’Università di Salerno
  • la Prof.ssa Pina Basile professor at the University of Salerno and President of the  Società Dante Alighieri of Salerno

Artistic collaborations

Thanks to:

  • the corps de ballet of the "Associazione Danza" by Paola and Giusy Tesone  of Mercato San Severino
  • the Maestro Cellist Drummond Petrie
  • Antonio Izzo (National Academy of Dramatic Arts "Silvio D'Amico") of Cultural Association Dragonteo

Are there any collaborations with other artists in the music industry and / or choral.

The protagonists

Nicola Lambiase, interprets Dante's poem by heart in Italian, Neapolitan language and English.

Patrizia Bruno, plays the piano melodies engaging.



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