Love which moves the sun and the other stars...
The docking.....
Ruffiano fuje 'o libbro...
Galeotto was the book
If you love the mountains ...
Draw me a robin
Then it began...
The Enchantment of the lake
Ognuno p''a via soja justo s'acchiana
Poetry is a gift ...
Les poètes Maudits ...
Spring's Symphony

The project aims to enhance and promote art through information campaigns with real prospects of growth of culture and tourism, aiming in particular at establishing a synergy between architectural and archaeological sites.

Here's how it works


Conduct listening to the perception of Dante's modernity message


Prestigious venues for artistic beauty and atmospheres


Replies in various sites in the province of Salerno and twinning with other cities


The interest of the citizen closer to the vision of art plurisciplinare


Facilitate the meeting - peer comparison and between generations


Recover the territory of belonging


Enhance and promote the art of performing to transmit values


Support culture through the commitment of care "beautiful"

Et lux fuit!

It was the autumn of 2011 ... and I had an idea ...

Sponsorships and Partnerships

The project has so far enjoyed the patronage of numerous organizations and institutions that have shared goals and has made use of the precious collaboration of individuals and organizations who have made their contribution. A necessary means of:

  • Province of Salerno
  • City of Mercato San Severino
  • City of Cava de 'Tirreni
  • City of Battipaglia
  • City of Salerno
  • City of Ravello
  • City of Castel Volturno
  • The International Association of Lions Club District 108 YA
  • Società Dante Alighieri Committee of Salerno
  • University of Salerno

The musical project

The musical project  born from the idea of translating the places and times of the Divine Comedy, the poem that has become the metaphor of the existential journey in space and time always present for the human soul, through which the listener can find her inner vibrations always present  and listen to himself and the world.

The protagonists

Nicola Lambiase, interprets Dante's poem by heart in Italian, Neapolitan language and English.

Patrizia Bruno, plays the piano melodies engaging.



Last date

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  • Maria Rosaria
    "Each piece of art is independent of the person who created it, the more powerful of the artist himself and returns to t...

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  • Peppe
    Dante represents our history of Italian and European. His greatness in the literature of the West, and not only that, it...

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  • Robert
    What a pleasant surprise discover this morning! The site is looking fantastic!

    continue ...

  • Anna Maria
    I've always been passionate Honorary fellow of the Comedy, but I find that the combination of songs and music is, to say...

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  • nora
    Site excellent and well edited. fully expresses your feelings interpreter. We will come to listen to Ravello

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  • Nicola
    The glory of Him who moves all
    for the universe penetrates and shines
    In one part more and in another less....

    continue ...


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