The musical project

The musical project

The musical project born from the idea of translating the places and times of the Divine Comedy, the poem that has become the metaphor of the existential journey in space and time always present for the human soul, through which the listener can find her inner vibrations always present and listen to himself and the world.

The Comedy speaks of man, life, and does so with the power and communication skills of its genius of Dante. If everyone is affected by the kind words of Francesca, the fortitude of Farinata and his desire to "do well", by the ardor of knowledge of Ulysses it is because the poet tells stories that bear witness to the human heart in every age . The Comedy it opens a window on life and man of today, as of the past. We feel a universal communion among us modern and the ancient, between our and their aspirations for salvation, happiness and eternity. We realize that the old Dante knows express ourselves better than we do ourselves, as well as the master Virgil in the journey to understand the disciple knows better than they do know.

The whole trip is the journey in the life of every man. In Dante who want to climb the hill to light only at the beginning of Hell, we all find ourselves.

That's why the song offered are an interesting selection of works by contemporary musicians who have looked at the human events of their time describing them in their own environments whitch construct the harmony and the melodic lines of the man of our time.

A thread of connection between past and present, between historical memory and experience, with a thin plot that interweaves Dante's narrative in a kind of strong bond due to the presence of "chromosomal lineage" between Dante and us, between the "Comedy" which is a perennial tale that every mind recreates along the time has a transcendental and universal connotation.

The compositional arc certainly does not represent the whole evolution of the compositional cycle of our days but offers an interesting insight into the linguistic expressive that tries to offer a glimpse in the compositions represented here, the strong reference between "what was been and what is" the human soul, in a perpetual connection between his individuality and his sensibility.

The protagonists

Nicola Lambiase, interprets Dante's poem by heart in Italian, Neapolitan language and English.

Patrizia Bruno, plays the piano melodies engaging.



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    Dante represents our history of Italian and European. His greatness in the literature of the West, and not only that, it...

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    What a pleasant surprise discover this morning! The site is looking fantastic!

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    Site excellent and well edited. fully expresses your feelings interpreter. We will come to listen to Ravello

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    The glory of Him who moves all
    for the universe penetrates and shines
    In one part more and in another less....

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